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On August 4th, Long Lake voters approved the AMBULANCE, ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT AND ADDITIONAL EMERGENCY SERVICES OPERATING AND CAPITAL EXPENSE MILLAGE PROPOSAL. Based upon this outcome, Long Lake Township Fire-Rescue will begin the process to secure land for the new fire station. The Township’s engineering firm will begin engineering work necessary to bring the station project to bid and construction.

In parallel with fire station construction, Long Lake Fire-Rescue will begin the process to obtain state licenses, staffing and equipment needed to provide Advanced Life Support services to be housed out of the new fire station. Prior to the new station completion, Long Lake Fire-Rescue will continue to operate from their existing station, providing Fire, Rescue and First Responder medical service.

Welcome to Long Lake Fire – Rescue! 

Long Lake Fire-Rescue provides Fire, Rescue and EMS Emergency Services within Long Lake Township’s 36-square miles for approximately 10,000 residents and visitors. We respond to approximately 475 calls for emergency services annually.

From Fire Station #10 located at 8870 North Long Lake Road, our agency provides Fire Suppression, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services to the community utilizing a combination of 3 Full-Time and 9 Paid-On-Call Volunteers.